Quilting Classes

Six sessions            $105.00                                                                                                                

You will choose a pattern, learn to sew a quilt top, each session is approximately 1.5 hours.     

Single classes    $15 an hour

Long arm Services

Border to border designs

Pricing $.0175 per square inch

Custom Designs

Custom designs, including changing threads, trapunto, stitch in the ditch, micro stitching, etc.

Pricing starts at $.025  to $.12 per square inch

Border designs

Extra charge only if it requires turning the quilt in order to achieve the design.

Custom Quilts

I make the entire quilt from start to finish. This includes the fabric, stitching etc. We meet so that you can pick a pattern, design and the fabric colors that you want.  The pricing begins at $.20 per square inch, can be higher if the design is complex.  It is best to call me and talk about what you would like so that I can give you a more accurate pricing.



Number of bobbins to complete the long arm process of your quilt.  $1 each


Quilters Dream Batting 

Natural Cotton Deluxe                                                                       Quilters Dream 70/30 Blend


Craft (46x36) $6.30

Crib  (46x60) $8.40                                                                                 Crib  (46x60) $7.00

Throw (60x60) $9.80                                                                              Throw  (60x60) $8.89

Twin (93x72)  $17.50                                                                              Twin  (93x72)  $14.28  

Double (96x93) $22.40                                                                           Double (96x93)  $18.48

Queen (108x93) $25.20                                                                          Queen (108x93) $20.30

Super Queen (120x93) $27.65                                                               Super Queen (120x93) $22.40

King (122x122)  $36.40                                                                           King  (122x122) $29.68

Other types of batting are available. Please request what your preference is and I will give you a price.

Please remember that your batting needs to be a little larger than the top. If you prefer you can bring your own batting, please make sure that is of good quality and even.



Light ironing to remove the folds there is no fee. If more ironing is required than the pricing is $10 and up depending on the size of the quilt.

Squaring a quilt

If you would like I will remove the excess fabric and batting to prepare it for binding.  Pricing is $10 and up depending on the size of the quilt.


Prepare binding $10 to $20 depending on size.

Attach Binding

Upon request I will attach one side of the binding by machine. Pricing is $10 and up depending on the size.

Binding by machine and hand stitching is $.25 a linear inch.  To measure linear inch add the measurement of all four sides. This gives you linear inch then multiple by .25.  (example: quilt measuring 58x60 = 236 linear inches x .25 = $59.00

Machine Binding both sides   

Baby  size 15.00

Throw size 20.00

Twin size 25.00

Double size 30.00

​Queen size 35.00

​King size 45.00


To complete the back minimum of $10

Sew seams on top or multiple seams in backing is $12 an hour

Sew backing

Minimum of $10 depending on size.

Rush Fee

$ 40.00 and up (depending on size)

Storage Fee

All quilts must be picked up with 30 days once they have been completed unless arrangements are made prior. Fee varies depending on the amount of time.

Minimum Fee

$40.00 to do a quilt

I now have the Martelli cutting system. If interested in learning about the cutting system or would like to purchase some items. Please give me a call at 704-953-4603

​​Price List

I aim to enhance all the beautiful work you have done.  I want to make your work shine through all the long arm stitching.  I am willing to take the time to help you thru the quilting process of making all those important decisions.   Making it fun, informative for all ages or skill level is my goal.

                     Long Arm Quilting, T-Shirt and Memory Quilts, and Custom